Action Sanction Filmfest 2017

Our fantastic, action-packed Action Sanction Film Festival is celebrating its second year in Scotland this year. Premiering in Glasgow, the festival will be one huge appreciation of all things action. With fist fights, shootouts, explosions and car chases galore, expect this festival to be one that packs a punch.

We have a range of fantastic accolades and titles to hand out to our hopeful entrants and we are accepting everything from shorts that last a couple of minutes, to features that last a couple of hours. If you think your film has what it takes to be the hero of our festival, head over to now to enter.

Tickets to this event can be purchased via this site and information on the categories and awards can be found below. We realised there just weren't enough action movie film fests out there, so don't miss out; reload your gun, shine your knuckleduster and light the fuse on that stick of dynamite - it's time to enter our Action Sanction - open to all those worldwide who are proud to be badass filmmakers.



Trailer - $4.00

5-10 min film - $8.00

10-15 min film - $12.00

15-30 min film - $18.00



Applicable to films of all lengths - it's all about quality, not quantity!

Best hero

Best villain

Best action sequence

Best story/screenplay

Best death


Rules & Terms

Our film festival requires that you must submit your film for inclusion in the correct category, i.e. if your film lasts five minutes, it must be submitted in the five minute category, if it's any more than that it goes into the next category - this includes credits!

Films do not have to be in English but English subtitles are essential if our audience are going to enjoy your production like you intended.

If there is a particular category or award your film is aiming for then by all means feel free to include it in the notes/cover letter when submitting, however if you think it may be applicable to more than one award category, you do not have to stipulate.

Your film can be submitted either online (via vimeo/youtube link or dropbox) or you can send us a copy in the post. If your film is selected to be screened you will have to provide an HD copy on a DVD to us via post.