Welcome to Scottish Film Fests

Let us tell you a bit about what we do. We are an independent not-for-profit company based in Scotland and in 2017 and 2018 we are hosting three film festivals, right here in Scotland. Filmmakers from around the globe can enter our festivals which are very genre specific but very lenient - afterall we appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere and that filmmakers are proud of their work no matter what and we want to reward that.

Our festivals; Action Sanction, Horror Hullabaloo and The Any Genre Fest, are open to both shorts up to 30 minutes in length and there are categories for films of various lengths as well as a whole host of awards so that you have a greater chance of winning one of our spectacular commendations! All proceeds from the film festivals are put into running the events and anything left over goes straight back into the film industry to help make some cool short films for you to enjoy.


For more information about each of our festivals, please visit their individual pages by clicking on the tabs along the top of this site. There you will find all you need to know with regards to dates, venues, entry requirements, award categories and much more. You can also book tickets to attend the festivals via our contact form and to enter our festivals simply go to filmfreeway.com and search for us there!

Good luck if you are entering, have a good time if you are joining us and thank you for supporting our exciting new film festivals. Scotland welcomes you and we welcome the world. Stay tuned.